When it comes to treating fungal acne, using the right oils and oil cleansers can make a huge difference. One of the top choices for those with fungal acne is Malezia Purified MCT oil.

This oil is made from pure caprylic triglycerides, which are derived from coconut oil. It’s a lightweight and non-comedogenic oil that’s perfect for people with acne-prone skin. It also has anti-fungal properties, making it an excellent choice for those with fungal acne.

Another great option is the Malezia Cleansing Balm. This oil-based cleanser is designed to gently cleanse the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. It’s formulated with caprylic triglycerides, as well as other nourishing ingredients like squalane and glycerin.

The cleansing balm helps to dissolve impurities and makeup while also providing anti-fungal benefits to the skin.

Other oils that can be beneficial for fungal acne include tea tree oil, which has natural anti-fungal properties, and squalane oil, which is non-comedogenic and helps to balance oil production in the skin.

On this page, the oils and oil cleansers that are safe for fungal acne are marked with a tick, and the unsafe ones with an “X.”

It’s important to note that not all oils are created equal, and some oils can actually make fungal acne worse. It’s best to stick with oils that are non-comedogenic and have anti-fungal properties, like the ones mentioned above.

We have also written an extensive article about the best oils for skin, scalp, and hair affected by fungal acne.

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